High Quality Chainsaw Guards

When you purchase a SawGuard, you can be confident that you're purchasing the best Chainsaw SawGuard that money can buy. We strive to provide only the highest quality product, and pride ourselves in great customer service. Read on to discover some of what goes in to making your SawGuard the best on the market.

How SawGuard's are Made

Each SawGuard case is custom made to order. The basic case consists of two 9 to 10 ounce side pieces that are saguard leather spacers laminated together using leather spacers. Special bonding tape is used between the layers to assist in the strength and firmness of the case. The case is then assembled in a master jig for alignment and clamping.

The leather spacers are then sewn in to place using a black polyester bonded thread using large industrial sewing machines. The original SawGuard used a weaker linen thread in comparison that had a much lower tensile strength. Even with that, the original SawGuard has seen many years of loyal service, and has never failed. This is primarily due to the fact that the thread is protected from contact with the sharp blades of the chain saw.

When you order your SawGuard, you have a variety of different configurations available. You will notice that the company name tag comes with all saw cases.  It is embossed using an industrial laser that burns the company name, logo, and an important safety message reminding you to always remove the SawGuard before starting the saw.  

Materials Used

Harness Leather

All SawGuards, including the original SawGuard made over 33 years ago are manufactured using the time tested "harness leather".  This leather is the same leather that has been used for hundreds of years to make harnesses for pulling wagons and carriages, and historically even been used as body armor.  A testimony to the strength and longevity of this leather can be seen in museums across the country.

Harness leather is a thick oily leather that has great strength and resistance to tearing or cutting.  The use of harness leather makes the SawGuard chainsaw guard extremely durable

Veg Tanned Leather

The company logo and safety nameplate, as well as the optional personalized name plate are made of Veg Tanned Leather. This leather is a softer leather than the harness leather, and is engraved using an industrial table laser. This laser burns the leather just deep enough to leave a legible identification. Unlike some name tags that are printed, the laser engraved leather won't wear off over time.

Sitching closeupIndustrial Sewing Thread

The thread that is used to hold the SawGuard case together is a polyester bond twisted multi filament thread.  This thread can be found in automotive, footwear, and luggage industries. As well as being resistant to acid, alkali and bleach, the thread is extremely strong and UV and abrasion resistant.

High Strength Bungee

The retaining rope and hook used to secure the SawGuard onto your chainsaw is made of a high strength, long life bungee, and attached using the same harness leather and industrial sewing thread used on the rest of the SawGuard.  Rest assured, that it should provide you many years of trusted service.

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